Frank Roesch Archein Aerospace

Frank Roesch

Vice President - Maintenance Operations

Mr. Roesch’s key leadership engagement for Archein brings the operational know-how and the industrial moxie that comes with his 45 years in all manner of aircraft production, maintenance and management operations. As the holder of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Frank’s 35 years with Boeing were recognized at the highest levels of our industry, and he brings this exceptional professionalism to Archein as we engage a new industry business model that he helped develop called Hyper-MaintenanceTM.

Mr. Roesch’s overall contribution to Archein is founded in his steadfast commitment to enterprise quality assurance and compliance on all levels, at all times, no matter what. His unwavering commitment and drive to excellence will always be the bedrock character trait of the Archein Team and they set the bar at its highest level, underpinning our industry unique guarantee of workmanship warranty for the installed life of the systems we provide.