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Archein’s advanced avionics Hyper-Maintenance TM process is turnkey.

It begins with our thorough engineering analysis. This provides us with a maintenance and upgrade history of the aircraft before it shows up on our ramp and eliminates any surprises that could result in delays and added costs.

Then Team One, Archein’s advanced avionics technician group, performs the M&I work, a comprehensive execution with the focus on quality and turnaround. At the conclusion of the M&I, the HUD/EVS is flight tested and calibrated by XFS (Experimental Flight Sciences), enabling the release of the aircraft back into service.

Archein Offerings

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Why Choose Archein?

Archein Aerospace is the first-and-only specialized avionics modification and installation (M&I) center of excellence of its kind, focusing exclusively on after-market advanced avionic upgrades in air transport category aircraft.

Archein’s vision for a global advanced avionics center of excellence is driven by the realities of the increasingly crowded airspace, regulatory requirements and similar mandates that aim to maximize safety and efficiency in operations. Archein, along with industry, properly interprets this as a shift from First come, first served to Best equipped, first served.

More useful information in and outside the cockpit offers more efficient, more effective flight operations. These goals are readily embraced by pilots, air traffic controllers, operations management, CFOs and CEOs while maintaining a focus on safety and the confidence of the flying public.

Archein is initially focused on HUD/EVS given changes in FAA regulations for reduced minima approaches through lower ceilings and bad weather conditions with unnatural enhanced vision technologies installed.

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6 Day Return To Service on a 737NG

Archein Advantage

Hyper-Maintenance is Archein’s approach to M&I for HUD/EVS. It’s an industrially-engineered process that delivers production-based repeatability and efficiency.

Driven by mandates both immediate and long-term, U.S. and international air transport aircraft owner/operators now have access to a consistently affordable and reliable resource for advanced avionics M&I. Our singular focus and engineered process efficiencies mean Archein stands alone it its ability to meet customers’ expectations for guaranteed quality, cost and schedule performance.

How does a 6-day return to service sound on a 737NG dual HUD/EVS?

We think so too!