About Our Company

The Meaning of Archein

Archein, (pronounced ‘r-kine), is Greek and roughly translates as “to rule oneself”; “to start again”.

More information in the cockpit gives pilots more situational awareness and control – to rule themselves. Owner/operators see benefit in operational efficiencies and bottom-line savings that come from Archein’s Hyper-Maintenance view – a new start for avionics maintenance and installations.

Serviam et semper sursum~
Ad astra per aspera

Translating – Latin this time: “Serve and aim high. To the stars through difficulty.”

We aim to please customer through a service-driven approach focused on technical excellence. We have a relentless and driven cultural imperative to solve the most technical challenges through our expert staff and our Federation members.

A number of us are Kansans. “To the stars through difficulty” is our state’s motto and appropriately describes our “dream big, work hard” service-above-self company culture.

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